But designing for the web is more than making it look good. Design should adhere to brand guidelines but most importantly needs to be engaging, easy to use, and drive users to conversion. In addition it needs to be accessible across all browsers and screen sizes. We build innovative websites that work across all devices, are functional and affordable. That’s what we do.

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About the A-Team

Nerdogs borns with the vision of two friends who were complemented in many projects around 2005. After write their manifesto, they decided to create something else than a simple team. Pushed by excellent reviews and respetable results with customers in USA, Spain and Canada, they achieve to increase this duet up to build three teams selecting amazing people by their performance, creativity and experience on differents rising niches of the digital scene. Step by step they were adding new services and knowing specialized people on techniques that just a duet couldn't offer. Many of those fantastic persons who passed for NERDOGS, now a day are well known professionals who have reached high charges in very important multinational companies like Ogilvy Mathers, HSBC and AT&T.
We love our job, that's why we always are looking for new rising stars and tendencies. Our challenge is the vanguard, design and comunication. All this pack is part of the web sites we build.

Our Services

Web Design + Development

We provide solutions which are useful, esthetic and eye-catching as well as memorable, with a hint of the effects emphasizing the individual character of your website.


Wordpress is the most popular and easy to use CMS of the market, We develop attractive themes and plugins for this platform that we love.

Responsive Design

Mobile optimized websites convert better. We will custom build and design a website for your business. Over 50% of website traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets.

Branding & Identity

In many cases, your logo or a business card is the first thing that your client sees. Therefore, its important for the company symbol and other elements of corporate identity to send a clear and consistent message.

Social Media Campaigns

We have much experience creating effective landing pages that guide users to the conversion, We also know very well the rules to create pieces for your social media campaigns.


We boost SEO results with tactics that outlast trends, using the entire search engine page to build your brand, while helping customers find exactly what they need.


Developing individual solutions to match your specific demands, we rely on open source solutions such as Magento or WooCommerce for Wordpress. Due to their ease of extension, your online business can develop without limits.


Thanks to WPML you can easily extend your website by adding any number of new language versions whenever you want.

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